Car Scrappage Scheme Chester

Car Scrappage Scheme ChesterWould you like to take advantage of the car scappage scheme in Chester? Do you own an older vehicle? This program encourages people who own vehicles that are a decade or more old to scrap them and acquire a discount towards the purchase of a new vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers have also dropped their prices in an effort to encourage new car purchases. The car scrappage scheme has certain conditions and many benefits attached to it as well. These conditions outline specific procedures that you need to follow in order to safely dispose of your old vehicle and purchase a new one.

In Chester, a car scrappage scheme offered by Scrap Car Heaven will help you dispose of your old vehicle. This company provides an efficient car scrapping service that is easy to follow and will help you get rid of your aging vehicle. The process starts with you completing their vehicle collection request form. After this, a suitable time is booked for vehicle collection. When your vehicle is picked up, it is taken to Scrap Car Heaven’s authorised de-pollution center. Here, your vehicle will be dismantled and harmful waste is removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. You will be issued a Certificate of Destruction or CoD by the company. This is usually issued within five days after removing your vehicle. You may then take this certificate and claim any previous months’ road tax that was pending on the vehicle. The CoD acts like a verification that your vehicle was scrapped in an environmentally friendly and lawful manner. Please remember to follow proper de-registration procedures, otherwise the last owner may be fined under laws on continuous registration.

If you are looking for a company that provides a car scrappage scheme in Chester, then contact Scrap Car Heaven today. The company is a leading dealer in scrap metal and offers many services dealing with ferrous scrap metal. They are always on the lookout for vehicles to recycle. Scrap Car Heaven offers free collection and transport to their fully licensed yard that is equipped with de-pollution equipment. They also have crushing facilities and a 2×50 ton weighbridge, making them the best scrap dealers to call. To take advantage of their car scrappage scheme, contact Scrap Car Heaven.

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