Car Scrap Yard in Birkenhead

Car Scrap Yard in BirkenheadAre you looking for a car scrap yard in Birkenhead? This is a common dilemma that most owners of older vehicles face once the car has failed the MOT and the cost of repairs is much more than you’re willing to spend. If your car has been in an accident or some major engine part fails, it’s simply not worth fixing the car. What most people do in such situations is to scrap the car and salvage whatever little money they can. In earlier times, one had to pay scrap dealers to tow away vehicles, but current government regulations have made it mandatory that scrapping your vehicle should be done free of charge. This is to avoid the problem of abandoned vehicles cluttering the landscape. Scrap metal values have also shot up in recent years due to more advanced recycling processes. Some of the precious metals in the works also increase the vehicle’s scrap value.

In Birkenhead, car scrap yard services are relatively easy to find. There are plenty of options available in the Yellow Pages, or on line. Your garage or car dealer may also put you in touch with reliable companies. Personal recommendations and references from trustworthy friends or family are also a good source of information. As a vehicle owner, you need to ensure that your scrap yard complies with the EU directives on responsible disposal of the car under the End of Life directive 2005. The scrap yard should be fully licensed by the Environment Agency and fulfill the 85% recycling target. Reputed scrap yards like Scrap Car Heaven make the procedure simple. You can fill in their on-line request, giving details of the vehicle. They pick it up, pay you the value and transport it to their Authorised Treatment Facility.

Car scrap yards in Birkenhead require that owners provide all relevant documents for their vehicle and once the scrapping is done, a certificate of destruction is mailed to the owner. This certificate absolves you from further responsibility and helps you claim any unused portions of road taxes. Looking to find car scrap yards?  Contact Scrap Car Heaven for more information.

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