Car Scrappage in Ellesmere Port

Car Scrappage in Ellesmere PortIf you have a vehicle that is ready to be permanently retired, then it is probably time to send it to car scrappage in Ellesmere Port. You want to ensure that the vehicle is handed to a reputable and reliable scrap metal-dealer who also has a de-pollution center. Where can you find a reliable scrap-metal dealer?

In Ellesmere Port, car scrappage is carried out by Scrap Car Heaven. They specialize in services that deal with scrap metal. They have a premier car-scrapping service and also deal with end-of-life vehicles at their de-pollution center. After speaking to a staff member at Scrap Car Heaven, you will be required to complete a vehicle collection form. Following that, you vehicle will be collected from your premises. It will then be taken to their authorized and licensed de-pollution center. Here you vehicle will be carefully dismantled and any harmful waste will be appropriately disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. Following suit, a CoD or Certificate of Destruction will be issued to you. This means that your vehicle was disposed off safely and is not on the road and that you are not responsible for looking after it. This CoD verifies that  your vehicle was scrapped in an environmentally sound and lawful manner. Without this document, you can be fined under the new laws regarding continuous registration. After the CoD is issued, you will be able to claim any road taxes that were pending on your vehicle. You will receive this CoD within five days of having had your vehicle removed.

It’s time to call car scrappage in Ellesmere Port if you have an old car that is just sitting on the front lawn doing nothing but providing a cozy home for rodents and insects.  Not only will you get the use of your lawn back, but you will also dispose of a vehicle that is no longer safe to have around. Call Scrap Car Heaven today and get these double benefits!

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