Recycle Your Vehicle in Wallasey

Recycle Your Vehicle in WallaseyIf you need to recycle your vehicle in Wallasey, we do it in an environmentally friendly manner at Scrap Car Heaven. We are situated in Birkenhead and offer a variety of services related to ferrous scrap metal. With over 5 decades in the business, our reputation speaks volumes for our family run business.  We take pride in our reputation of providing constant quality service to our clients. The scrap facilities available enable you to dispose of your unwanted or written off vehicle efficiently and safely within the required standards. Industry approved scrapping ensures that harmful pollutions and waste are removed from all the scrapped vehicles and dealt with accordingly.  The scrapped vehicles can be recycled by taking the used parts that can be repaired and reused.  These items boost our used car part stockpile, hence recycled.

In Wallasey, recycle your vehicle in an eco-friendly manner at Scrap Car Heaven. Why recycle eco-friendly? Recycling metal uses about 74% less energy than making new steel.  This is where the eco-friendly part of recycling comes in.  Recycled steel is also less expensive as it is not mined as a source. Majority of steel today is made up of approximately 25% of recycled steel from recycled vehicles, so by recycling your unwanted or scrapped vehicles you are helping save our environment and adding to our economic benefits. If you are not sure if your vehicle needs to be scrapped or if it can be salvaged, we can assist you to make that decision.  Our vehicle scrapping engineers have years of experience in this area and can do a complete assessment of the vehicle to see what would be economical for you and your vehicle. Our fully equipped workshops have the facilities to salvage and treat vehicles past their life date.

If you want to recycle your vehicle in Wallasey, we will provide you with a certificate of destruction to verify that your vehicle was recycled and scrapped in line with the law regulations. Without going through the right procedure you cannot de-register your vehicle.  We issue this within five days of the procedure. So remember, for fast quality service, contact us today to conveniently fetch your vehicle if needed or visit our facilities for fast friendly service. You can rely on us to ensure your paperwork is up to scratch and our experienced representative assists you throughout your scrapping or recycling process.

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