Heard About Cash For Car Scrapping In Moreton?

Cash For Car Scrapping In Moreton?We recently provided cash for car scrapping in Moreton, to a customer whose car had been standing on their drive taking up room. They needed the space for a new family car they hoped to purchase, but were worried about how much the car scrapping process would cost them. Scrap Car were able to reassure them that not only would the process not cost them anything, they would actually make money out of it.

In Moreton cash for car scrapping services that we offer are incredibly easy for you to take advantage of. Just give us a telephone call, and we can talk you through the process from start to finish. Because our client’s car had been inactive for a while, they were concerned that it would be difficult to move. Our car removal team are used to situations like this, and they dealt with the problem swiftly and efficiently by loading it onto one of our recovery trucks. After the vehicle had been removed and scrapped, the customer was given a Certificate of Destruction. This is a vital piece of paper, because it shows legally that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. This also allows you to claim back unused months of road tax that have been paid previously. All vehicles are accepted, whether they’ve been in an accident, have come to the end of their effective working life, or have been abandoned.

Our customer was happy at the amount of cash for car scrapping in Moreton they received. We not only freed up space, and allowed them to look for a replacement vehicle, but we gave them a very competitive price for it as well. Scrapping your car not only benefits your bank account, it helps the environment as well. All cars are scrapped in accordance with strict environmental regulations, at a licensed depollution centre. Any waste that could otherwise be harmful is disposed of in a controlled way that’s environmentally friendly. We recycle as much material as possible, thus helping to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the impact of climate change. Talk to us at Scrap Car┬átoday, and find out how our services can help you.

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