How to Scrap Your Vehicle in New Brighton

Scrap Your Vehicle in New BrightonAre you on the hunt for the perfect company to scrap your vehicle in New Brighton? You have probably left the old car just sitting there in a shed, fearing the high prices that scrapping the car might incur. But, with Scrap Car Heaven, a family-run business which has been providing their excellent services in the scrap metal field for over fifty years, all your worries will be laid to rest. The experts of Scrap Car Heaven will take care of everything: from paperwork, to collection, to environmentally-friendly destruction of your scrap car.

In New Brighton, to scrap your vehicle is easy.To answer that burning question on the tip of your tongue, “How do I scrap my vehicle?”  all you have to do is pick up the phone and call Scrap Car Heaven. Alternatively, you can fill in the form to request form to arrange collection of the vehicle. The vehicle, wherever it is located be it your home, garage or office, will be collected at a time agreed by both parties. It is then taken to the authorised depollution centre of Scrap Car Heaven where there is are crushing facilities and 2×50 tonne weighbridge. Before the car is disposed of, it is dismantled and harmful waste (which are produced by the car battery, gearbox oil and the engine) will be dealt with in an eco-friendly way so that it does not harm the environment. After which, the vehicle will be sent away to Scrap Car Heaven’s yard. A certification of destruction will be produced after about 5 days so that you may reclaim your unused tax from the DVLA by filling in the V14 form and sending it along with the tax disc. The certification also serves the purpose of proving that your car if no longer on the road and that you are no longer eligible to pay any tax or other fees related to the car.

If you are looking to scrap your vehicle in New Brighton, which is a must according to the country’s laws, Scrap Car Heaven will provide you with a great service! Please note that Scrap Car Heaven will collect your car for free. The de-pollution centre is a fully-licensed yard that has gained its reputation through word of mouth. You can even make some money selling your old defunct car. Contact them now if you require any additional information.

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