Where To Scrap Your Car In New Brighton?

Scrap Your Car In New BrightonWe regularly get asked where one can scrap your car in New Brighton. And although it’s not the answer that customers expect, the simple answer is, “In Heaven.” Scrap Car Heaven that is. We have taken all the stress and hassle out of scrapping your old beloved vehicle that has now become an eyesore or a potential health hazard. The process is very simple. Once we have all your details that you’ve supplied us on our easy-to-use vehicle collection request form, we will collect your vehicle at a time that suits you and your schedule and remove it to an authorized depollution center. Here it will be methodically dismantled and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The hard work in New Brighton for your car scrap and dismantling is done in a place called Heaven, but we can’t go so far as to say it’s done by chubby little angels. It’s hard grinding work that we as a family-run business with homegrown family values have been doing for over 5 decades. Over all this time we have built up a solid reputation for being efficient, reliable and providing an exceptional level of service to our customers. Within five days of your vehicle being removed, we shall issue you with a Certificate of Destruction that will give you the peace of mind and legal standing that your vehicle was scrapped in a safe, lawful and environmentally conscious manner. Without this certificate there is the possibility of unwelcome and unnecessary fines. Something that we don’t believe fits with the heavenly code!

When you want to scrap your car in New Brighton, it’s simple. No matter what vehicle you have or the condition it is in, our team will be able to sort it out and take it off your hands. Why not give us a call today and be done with the rusting heap once and for all. Check out our website or call us for more information regarding our services. Call now on 0151 647 8578

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