Searching For Car Scrapping In Upton

earching- For- Car -Scrapping- In -Upton


At Scrap Car Heaven, many people are searching for Car Scrapping In Upton, to throughout the Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire; offering a superb service that will pick up your ‘end of life’ vehicle-at your convenience-and deliver to our authorised depollution centre to be destroyed in an environmentally correct manner.

In Upton for those searching for car scrapping, our dedicated team, picked up an old Volvo S80 from a gentleman who wanted it disposed of by ourselves. After filling out our ‘vehicle collection request form‘ we supplied a competitive quote and duly picked up his vehicle to take back to our base in Birkenhead, where it was destroyed and given a certificate of destruction to verify this process.

For car scrapping Upton, new legislation has now come into force which prevents ‘cash’ transactions for scrapped cars. This has been passed to stop unscrupulous people selling on ‘stolen’ scrap metal to genuine dealers and to stem the tide of metal theft. Scrap Car Heaven have therefore implemented a new payment system-straight into your bank-while still paying top prices for scrap.

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