Scrap Car Birkenhead

"Scrap Car dealer Birkenhead"

Scrap Car Birkenhead at Scrap Car Heaven is one of the leading scrapyards in the area offering a range of services all validated by the DVLA and the Environment Agency.  If your car is past its best or has just stopped running and is not worth fixing, give Scrap Car Heaven a call and use the simple three step process to have your car collected from your door. Complete the online order form, Scrap Car Heaven offer you a price and if you are happy with it your care is collected, and then taken away and destroyed at the depollution centre. At the end of this process, you will receive an official certificate of destruction.

Birkenhead Scrap Car at Scrap Car Heaven can give you a price quote quickly and can pick up your vehicle at a time that is convenient for you. All Scrap Car Heaven scrapping procedures are environmentally friendly using their depollution centre which follows closely the latest guidelines from the Environmental Agency.

Scrap Car Birkenhead at Scrap Car Heaven is a well-established and professional company who offer the best prices in the area for scrap metal so visit the scrapyard now or give Scrap Car Heaven a call and one of the friendly team can discuss the 3 step easy process of scrapping your car.

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