Scrap Car Birkenhead

Got a call today to pick up a scrap car in Birkenhead from a gentleman who had reluctantly
decided to have his car scrapped by us at Scrap Car Heaven. He had owned the vehicle, a red ford mondeo from new for
over 14 years, in which time it had done close to 90,000 miles.

We have had many calls from Birkenhead to scrap cars, but I have to say this was quite a difficult experience for the owner
of the Mondeo as he had grown so attached to the car! It has started to become too costly to run effectively, so he had
called us after finally making the decision to get good cash from ourselves for his pride and joy.

The scrap car in Birkenhead obviously had a lot of memories for the owner, as he had driven it for so long. However it was
clear it was on its last legs and waiting to go to Scrap Car Heaven. Part of our service is making the owner of a car happy about the decision they have made and I noticed the said gentleman was pleased when we offered him excellent cash for his red mondeo. Here’s to another happy customer.

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