Scrap Your Car in Ellesmere Port

scrap your car in Ellesmere PortAre you looking to scrap your car in Ellesmere Port? Customers frequently ask us how to make the process legal and binding with the DVLA, and how much it will cost them to have their car scrapped. We have a wealth of experiencing in scrapping cars from across the North West, and so we can always provide the correct answers and reassure our customers. At Scrap Car Heaven we make the process easy and cost effective.

We can come to Ellesmere Port to scrap your car for you, saving you time and avoiding inconvenience. The process is simple. All you have to do is call us, or fill in a short online form that can be found on our website. After this our team will arrange to collect your car at a time that’s suitable for you. The DVLA has strict laws on car scrapping, but don’t worry because we can fill in the paperwork for you. After the car has been scrapped at our licensed depollution centre, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction. This certificate means that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle, and protects you from falling foul of the new legislation regarding continuous registration of a motor vehicle. The depollution centre that we use operates to the highest environmental standards, and all harmful waste and by-products are disposed of in a way that meets all current regulatory requirements.

Are you concerned about how much it might cost to scrap your car in Ellesmere Port? You’re not alone, it’s a question that we’re often asked. The answer is that it won’t cost you a penny, and you’ll even receive a payment from us when we come to collect your car. If your vehicle still had unused road tax, you can also use your Certificate of Destruction to claim it back from the DVLA, thus saving you even more money. To find out how much your car may be worth, pick up the phone and give our friendly team a call.

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